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Lighting plays a critical role in our psychological health and the promotion of relaxation and alertness.  Creating the right lighting environment is essential in any home setting.  Good quality lighting is just as important as your eye glasses for proper viewing and reduced eye strain. Dazor lights help sharpen awareness and aid in your concentration over longer periods. 

Since we perform many different activities in our home and desire to keep our utility costs down, individualized light sources provide the best alternatives for everyone.  Let’s imagine it’s the end of a long day and Mom finally has a few moments to sit and read a book in her favorite spot in the family room.  Since Dad and the kids are watching a movie and want the lights down low, nobody wants the overhead light on.  Mom tries to read by the soft ambient glow from the shaded table lamp at the end of the couch, but it doesn’t provide enough light for her to read without getting frustrated.  A floor stand light with an energy efficient, bright LED light beam pointed directly at the book pages would be the perfect solution for putting light exactly where it’s needed without overpowering the entire room with light!

Is the appearance of the light important in your home décor?  Dazor fixtures have been sold through high end retailers including Home Decorators, Pottery Barn, and Hammacher Schlemmer for years.  Now, these classic designs are available for you to purchase directly.

All fixtures are mounted on a patented Dazor articulating-arm or gooseneck for ease of movement, allowing for almost infinite positioning to direct light precisely where you need it.  This is especially important when working on a computer, a hobby, reading or writing.  Dazor fixtures are designed to minimize space and fit into your personal space requirements.  Our color accurate full spectrum fluorescent bulbs last up to 10,000 hours resulting in fewer bulbs being manufactured and disposed of in landfills.  They use one-fifth the energy of traditional bulbs, so they save energy and reduce your carbon footprint.    

LED lighting is increasingly endorsed by governments and private institutions because of the significant energy savings and environmental benefits it provides.  Our advanced LED light fixtures are engineered with precision quality using the latest technology, and designed with cool, compact light heads.  No other lights available today provide greater lumen output per watt and exceptional light quality.  We use high power, dimmable LEDs that produce accurate and consistent white light without ultraviolet (UV) wavelengths and last up to 30 times longer than other types of lighting. 

Dazor lighted magnifiers use precision quality optical glass lenses – without distortion around the edges -- to ensure you’ll receive the clearest resolution possible to see detail with ease.  No more squinting, straining or feeling tired!  Many “low cost” magnifiers use plastic lenses in attempt to save money; however these lenses commonly produce optical aberrations, making viewing more frustrating.  Dazor lenses are easy to clean with common household agents and won’t smudge or streak.  And, our experienced customer service staff can also assist you in selecting a proper lens with the magnification power best suited for your specific needs.

And unlike many competitor brands, our lights are manufactured right here in St. Louis, Missouri where we’ve been manufacturing for almost 80 years.  Our American made attention to detail and use of quality, environmentally friendly materials allow Dazor products to withstand years of repetitive daily use.  Unlike the world of technology today where a product is “outdated” 6 months after it’s sold and no longer serviceable, we support and service our products for many years after your purchase.  Our products were designed to be a permanent fixture in your home or workshop.  Even today, we can typically even service our products manufactured as early as the 1940’s.  So if you ever need an extra part or just have a question, we are here to help you.  Our customer service staff is experienced, technically trained, and Midwest friendly.


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