Consult a Task Lighting Specialist

Questions about how you can illuminate your workspace? Please fill out the form below so that we can route to the proper team within our organization.

  • Are you interested in our LED Task Lights or Legacy Fluorescent, Halogen and UV Task Lights?
  • How long do you stay on the task(s) during an 8 hour shift?
  • Contrast is the difference between foreground and background. Black text on white paper is a high contrast task and easy to read. Dark gray text on black paper is a low contrast task and hard to read. Finding surface defects on a dark metal or painted surface is hard to see.

  • What is the contrast level for the task?
  • How bright is the light level on the task from natural and overhead lighting?
  • Is this for personal or professional use?
  • Do you or the individual have visual impairment?