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May 7, 2007

Dazor Lighting Solutions today announced the launch of the all-new LED Bench Light, an illumination fixture using technologically advanced high power LEDs with dimming capability, to provide the highest quality task illumination available. The LED Bench Light is a color consistent, solid-state device designed to meet the precise illumination and color needs of professionals in a number of specialty industries.

Dazor expects the new Bench Light product to be popular in industries that require illumination that is color accurate and consistent for specialty tasks that require attention to intricate detail. They also expect that consumers will find a number of uses for the new high power LED fixture in their home, for example, as a computer light or a home office lamp.

Professionals that have helped build the Dazor brand over the years include jewelers, doctors, dentists and forensic experts. They even count Norman Lear, famed television writer and producer of All in the Family, Sanford and Son and many others, among their fans. Lear talked about his Dazor lamp, which he purchased over 50 years ago.

"I've written under that lamp for thousands upon thousands of hours and I have never, ever replaced the tubes," Lear said. "I've often wondered if it was the Dazor alone or if it was God doing it with Dazor's help. I do know it’s my good luck lamp and I will not write under anything else."

Dazor was committed to its rich heritage as an American lighting innovator when it recruited many of the world’s top jewelry professionals, including Master Gemologist Gary Smith of PA Gem Lab, to aid in the development of the LED Bench Light. As one of the first gemologists to use the light, Smith played a key role in development and testing.

"In addition to my work as an appraiser and gemologist, I also enjoy restoring high-end antiques," Smith said. "Dazor's LED Task Light helps me see every detail I need to with unmatched clarity."

The Dazor LED Bench Light is a, color corrected, energy efficient light source. The lamp has been designed to dissipate heat without the use of cooling fans or other secondary devices, thereby eliminating noise and other potential maintenance concerns.

Rated for 50,000 hours of illumination without any perceivable light loss and mounted on the classic “floating arm” pioneered by Dazor, the LED Bench Light is available in a desk base and clamp style. The unit may be mounted on a flexible “gooseneck” arm as well.

For almost 70 years, the name Dazor has been synonymous with quality task lights and magnifiers. Dazor products are chosen by professional jewelers, doctors, dentists, forensic experts and consumers throughout the world for their ease of use and visual comfort. Dazor also continues to play a major role within the video microscope industry with speckFINDER™--combining ergonomic design with video magnification. For more information, visit www.dazor.com.

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