Dazor Introduces Stretchview Lighted LED Magnifier

Dazor’s new StretchVIEW™ Lighted LED Magnifier series harnesses the benefits of today’s LED advancements with the knowledge of personal vision needs at the professional task level.

Lighted magnifiers are used in many professional environments where operators or technicians are required to see precise details over extended periods of time.  These magnifiers are truly “tools” necessary to perform work more accurately, productively and comfortably.  Because they are devices that interface with vision, they are arguably one of the most important tools in the workplace.


Scanning is Easier with a Dazor LED Stretchview Magnifier


Are all LED magnifiers the same?

“All LED’s are not created equally. Many light fixtures, including lighted LED magnifiers, incorporate LED technology without proper consideration given to why and how a person uses the light source”, according to Stan Hogrebe, President of Dazor.  “Individual LEDs populated onto a pc board and attached to a housing may actually create an uncomfortable viewing situation.  Each LED produces its own beam of light.  When these individual light beams are directed onto a task, they can and do create multiple shadows and “hot spots”.  Instead of being a vision aid to the user, a poorly designed LED light engine is a distraction”. Hogrebe added, “the color and quality of light in professional QC environments is fundamentally important as well.  Using a warm color of light is fine in a restaurant or residential setting, but it is the wrong color of light to use when the need to highlight small details and defects is desired.  In these professional environments, white daylight with high color rending is critical to both visual accuracy and productivity. Surprisingly, we see poorly designed light engines installed into fixturing by reputable lighting manufacturers all too commonly.  It’s important we let people know there are better, cost competitive designs available from Dazor”.

Regarding magnifier lenses, Hogrebe observed that, “there are also differences in the design and quality of lenses.  We see acrylic lenses used in professional environments that when cleaned, permanently “fog” and become unusable.  We also see oversized lenses offered that seem appealing, but they have optical distortions outside of the center of the lens.  Or they are too heavy for the mechanical arms and cause them to droop.  Our round and rectangular lenses are designed with optical grade crown glass that is exceptionally clear, scratch resistant, holds up to cleaning solutions of all types, and does not distort anywhere in the field of view”.


More is Better 

Quality Magnification with the Stretchview LED MagnifierAnn Settlage, Dazor’s Engineering Director talked about design considerations for the StretchView LED magnifier.  “Our StretchView series is designed with the work being performed by an operator or technician at the top of the priority list.  We know that a bright white light which highlights contrast and defects is critical in assembly and quality control.  Instead of using only a few high-powered, collimated LEDs for close proximity task work and inspection, we use many LEDs patterned correctly so that an even “glow” of pleasing illumination is emitted.  Our light engines don’t overdrive LEDs to produce more light output with fewer LEDs in order to save cost.  We use over 80 LEDs in our StretchView LED magnifier and do not drive them as hard.  This is a better approach to thermal management of the LEDs and ensures we achieve their maximum rated life.”

Settlage added, “the selection and array of StretchView’s high CRI LEDs in combination with proficient diffusion techniques results in a very pleasing light for the user.  Simply stated, the illumination produced is a color accurate uniform white glow. Our DiffuseTec™ light management system maximizes light transmission while producing an even light without multi-shadowing.”



Quality for Years to Come 

Director of Sales, Keith Jack, commented on the longevity in the field: “The StretchView is designed with the end-user needs in mind, for years of daily use, and for field serviceability.  The LED light engine is modular. That is, component parts are accessible and replaceable by the user if there’s a problem.  Certain manufacturers integrate electronic driver components on board with their LEDs.  Others permanently solder components together.  If an electrical component fails, the entire fixture is shot.  We separate the driver components from the LED board and make them accessible to the user with molex quick disconnects.  While we design with the best components available, if an issue arises it can be solved.  Our message is quality. Our message is green.  Our message is friendly to the user.  The StretchView LED magnifier will last for many years in the field with our modular LED designs.”

The StretchView LED magnifier series has a smooth on/off dimming control and is available on a variety of Dazor’s floating or friction-style arms, can be mounted to horizontal, sloped or vertical surfaces, a rolling or pedestal floor stand, or onto virtually any end-user equipment.  It is available in ESD safe models for use in static sensitive environments.  The LED StretchView is manufactured in St. Louis.

         Made in the USA


Quality Control Inspection Made Easier

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