Dazor Introduces New Accent LED Light

Comet LED Light

Comet LED Light on Wall Base (Direct Mount)“There are a number of applications in which customers need a very controlled soft light within their immediate personal space without affecting others.  Examples include a large lecture hall or board room setting, or a personalized light for a hospital or hotel bed.  Also, microscopy applications of all kinds require precise lighting easily positioned by the user onto a target.  The Comet LED is a flexible light pipe that replaces expensive fiber optic lighting solutions in these applications.  Additionally, many industrial applications require directional lighting in small tight spaces”, explains Stan Hogrebe, President of Dazor.  “The Comet LED light was designed as a high quality light with precisely this customer feedback in mind.”

The Comet LED light incorporates advanced LED technology in a small, streamline, sturdy cylindrical housing, attached to a flexible gooseneck arm.  A single low power wire exits from the bottom of the gooseneck arm and can be completely hidden by inserting the bottom of the lamp into a mounting bushing.  There are no visible wires or switches.  The Comet LED is powered on or off with a novel “touch” control circuit located at the tip of the light.   

Comet LED Light on Clamp MountAnn Settlage, Dazor’s Engineering Director reports, “Unlike larger task lights, the Comet LED light can be easily adjusted to control the intensity and spread of the light onto its target depending on the visual needs of each person.   If desired, Comet can even be situated within inches of its desired area to accent or highlight the target.  This feature makes the Comet LED light an ideal choice in darker environments were the need is to illuminate an object or small area for one user only, having virtually no effect on others in the same immediate environment.”

This unique single LED spot light emits over 114 Lumens while consuming a mere 1.6 Watts of power. Its nominal working distance is 4-7 inches but can be used at distances from 12” down to 1” from the target.  Light intensity and beam spread vary with distance.  The Comet LED light can be mounted on horizontal, vertical or sloped surfaces.  It is also available as a light for OEM applications (please contact Dazor Mfg directly for further information).  Comet is UL / cUL listed and CE marked.  It is manufactured in St. Louis, Missouri.


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