Dazor Streamlines Overseas Distribution Services

July 1, 2007

ST. LOUIS, MO (July 01, 2007) – Dazor’s long-popular line of specialty lighting products will soon be delivered overseas more quickly and more efficiently than ever before, thanks to a new distribution strategy the company has launched. Dazor Lighting Solutions has announced its plans to streamline the distribution process to its customers, whether in the USA or abroad. By understanding the customers' need to remain competitive, Dazor has identified several areas where cost efficient improvements are being made. These areas include minimizing shipping costs and working with suppliers to keep material costs stable, while renewing its brand heritage of producing the highest quality task lighting and magnification products in the world.

"Today, Dazor is helping our distributors overseas compete more effectively on the international market by providing value-added services to our global market that did not exist before," Stan Hogrebe, President and CEO of Dazor, said. "The ultimate beneficiaries are people whose daily needs demand high-quality lighting and magnification tools and therefore rely on the Dazor brand for its premier task lighting and magnification products."

"Part of our success over the decades has been Dazor's unparalleled ability to adapt to our customers’ needs and look for ways to make our organization respond quickly to market changes," Hogrebe said.

"Dazor has long stood for quality, functionality and efficiency with its lighting line of products," Hogrebe said. "We believe this new strategy will enable us to significantly expand our international market and help those who need the Dazor level of performance succeed in their profession, wherever the need exists to help improve a person see what they’re doing."

For almost 70 years, the name Dazor has been synonymous with quality task lights and magnifiers. Dazor products are chosen by professional jewelers, doctors, dentists, forensic experts and consumers throughout the world for their ease of use and visual comfort. Dazor also continues to play a major role within the video microscope industry with speckFINDER™--combining ergonomic design with video magnification. For more information, visit www.dazor.com.

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