Dazor Issues Lighting Certificates

The issue of diamond color grading consistency has been an industry concern since the early days of Robert Shipley and Dr. Eduard Gubelin, and it still remains an issue even today.  When diamonds are graded inconsistently, and sometimes even over-graded, it can destroy consumer confidence and the legitimacy of the diamond industry.

Diamond Grading Standards

Spectrowave - White with Natural Side PadsRecently, there has been a firestorm of activity regarding the inconsistent application of diamond grading standards.   This month, JCK Online reported that the “trading network RapNet is no longer allowing diamonds to be listed on its services with reports from any branch of European Gemological Laboratory”.  RapNet is the largest online diamond trading network that allows trade professionals to buy and sell diamonds online without commission.

 “Many factors come into play when honest attempts are made to professionally grade diamonds consistently anywhere in the world.  One variable within the trade that can be controlled and greatly contribute to grading consistency is the lighting environment in which diamond grading occurs”, explained Stan Hogrebe, President of Dazor and prior Chair of the Accredited Gemologists Association Task Force on Lighting and Color Grading Diamonds.  “The GIA, AGS, AGA, CIBJO and other international authorities have promulgated standards which define the acceptable lighting environments for professional diamond grading.”

Consistent Grading Environments

Dazor’s Spectrowave system has been designed around those industry grading standards so that diamonds can be graded in a lighting environment that quantitatively ensures standards compliance.  “Color grading the same diamond in New York, Antwerp, Mumbai, or Hong Kong, will not be influenced by different lighting conditions when using the Spectrowave.  Each Spectrowave cabinet is certified using Dazor’s calibrated spectroradiometer so the professional grader can be confident of their lighting environment.”  Hogrebe continued, “And confidence in the consistency of the lighting environment adds confidence in the accuracy of the color grade, in the grading report, and ultimately of the buying public”. 

Certified Performance

A Photometric Performance Certificate accompanies each Spectrowave grading cabinet as quantitative proof of the lighting environment in which a diamond was graded.  “The Photometric Performance Certificate provides the diamond grader with the supporting documentation they need in the event a question arises”, said Hogrebe.

The Versatile All-in-One Cabinet

Because of its controlled and multi-functional lighting environment, Spectrowave may also be used as a cabinet for retail presentation and marketing of signature pieces and for photography.   Spectrowave - Black with Black Side Pads

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