Dazor Introduces Dual Source Task Lights

Dazor’s new Dual Source task lights provide users independent control over two separate illumination energy sources in a single, convenient fixture solution.

“Many applications require use of a combination of illumination sources for the user to properly view objects or tasks at hand”,  according to Stan Hogrebe, President of Dazor.  “Inspection work, for example, may require a white light source, such as daylight illumination, that maximizes contrast.  That same work may require a secondary energy source, such as long wave UV (ultraviolet), in order for certain details to become visible.  Generally, two separate light sources are only available with two separate fixtures.  This isn’t convenient or efficient.  Since workstation space is at a premium, adding a secondary light source can be a waste of space and money.  The new Dual Source fixtures provide a suitable and expedient solution for operators to perform work requiring two light sources by use of a single unit”.

Dual Control Task Light

Ann Settlage, Dazor’s Engineering Manager stated, “The Dual Source light uses 3 of the F15T8 type bulbs.  The two outer bulbs are controlled by a single on/off rocker style switch, while the center bulb is controlled by a secondary rocker switch.  Each source is controlled by its own high efficiency electronic ballast.  The user has a variety of choices for bulb color temperature, such as Cool White 4100K, Daylight 6500K, Full Spectrum 5000K, or energy in the non-visible spectrum (UV), depending upon the specific application.  In practice, we have many inquiries about a single light source providing a broader spectral distribution range or different color renderings to view work. The Dual Source task light allows the user energy choices according to their individual needs.”Underside "Daylight + UV + Daylight" Version

Hogrebe added, “In addition to the Dual Source task light, which can incorporate a variety of bulbs to suit virtually any requirement in the visible or non-visible energy spectrum, Dazor also recently rolled out the battery operated handheld Dual Source LED solution.  This unit contains bright white LED light in combination with 390nm UVA energy.  The response to dual energy technology has been so strong we knew the time was right to introduce the new Dual Source task lights.”

The Dual Source task light is mounted on Dazor’s patented floating arm with a sturdy base for clamping or permanently attaching to a horizontal surface.  Please contact Dazor’s Customer Service Department to discuss other possible mounting options and configurations.  The Dual Source task light has a 5 year mechanical and 2 year electrical warranty and is manufactured in St. Louis.

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