EPA's Green Lights Support Program

Green LightsThe EPA commits to help Green Lights participants with technical support projects which benefit Green Lights Partners, help strengthen the infrastructure of the energy-efficient lighting industry, and lower the barriers to energy-efficient lighting.

A computerized decision support system developed by the EPA will allow Green Lights Corporations to rapidly survey the lighting systems in their facilities, assess their retrofit options, and select the best energy efficient lighting upgrades. The decision support software produces reports suitable for use by facility managers, corporate financial staff, and senior management.

The EPA has established a national lighting product information program in conjunction with utilities and other organizations. This program will provide brand name information so that purchasers will be able to choose products with confidence. In addition, it will allow innovative products to be rapidly qualified, removing a significant barrier for new technologies.

As part of the support program, The EPA has developed a project to identify and enhance financing resources for energy efficient lighting. Green Lights Partners will be given rosters of financing sources such as utility programs, energy service companies, government grants and low-interest loans, banks, and leasing companies. A computerized database of all utility financing programs for lighting is available.

More Information:

For further information, contact:
Green Lights U.S. Environmental Protection Agency
401 M St., SW
Washington DC 20460

Green Lights Hotline:
Toll Free: (888) 782-7937
FAX: (202) 775-6680
24-Hour Faxback Information: (202) 233-9659


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