Consult a Magnifier Lighting Specialist

Questions about how you can update your employee performance and productivity utilizing Dazor's LED magnifier solutions? Please fill out the form below so that we can route to the proper team within our organization.

Illuminated Magnifier Needs Assessment

  • How long do you stay on the task(s) during an 8 hour shift?
  • What is the size of the object or area being viewed in the task? (Examples: text, electronic components, screw threads, small area of larger object.)
  • Contrast is the difference between foreground and background. Black text on white paper is a high contrast task and easy to read. Dark gray text on black paper is a low contrast task and hard to read. Finding surface defects on a dark metal or painted surface is hard to see.

  • What is the contrast level for the task?
  • How bright is the light level on the task from natural and overhead lighting?
  • Is there glare on the task from ambient and overhead lighting?
  • Is this for personal or professional use?
  • Do you or the individual have visual impairment?
  • Will you need additional base options for your illuminated magnifier(s)?