Dazor in the News

Nov 05, 2015
Dazor introduces a new line of 5X and 10X magnification lighted handheld magnifiers
Sep 30, 2015
Dazor Lighting Solutions Provides Content Rich Product Data to Distribution Partners
Aug 10, 2015
The International Association for Identification is a professional membership organization comprised of individuals worldwide who work in the field of forensic identification. With over 6,700 members from 70 countries, the IAI remains the oldest and largest forensic science/identification association in the world.
Feb 23, 2015
In the global gemological trade, one of the most vital – yet frequently misunderstood topics -- is lighting. Thankfully science, instrumentation and education are available to us to quantify facts and dispel commonplace misperceptions. These important topics were discussed this year at the Accredited Gemologists Associations annual conference and the AGTA Fair in Tucson, AZ.
Oct 23, 2014
Dazor’s new Dual Source task lights provide users independent control over two separate illumination energy sources in a single, convenient fixture solution.
Sep 17, 2014
Dazor issues Photometric Certification with Diamond Grading Cabinets
Aug 17, 2014
Dazor attends the International Association for Identification is the world's oldest and largest criminal identification organization.
Jun 15, 2014
Dazor’s new Comet™ LED task light harnesses the benefits of today’s LED advancements with the knowledge of individual vision needs in low lighting environments.
Apr 30, 2014
Dazor’s new Lumilus™ LED task light harnesses the benefits of today’s LED advancements with the knowledge of personal vision needs at the task level.
Mar 10, 2014
Dazor expands international distribution into Lichtenstein, Switzerland, and France.
Jan 20, 2014
Dazor Introduces the Saturn High Efficiency LED Spotlight
Aug 27, 2013
Dazor Lamps on Display on Trading Floor of Israel Diamond Exchange
Jul 23, 2013
Renowned educator and dental practitioner Dr. McLaren chooses Dazor's Vario™ suspension lights
Apr 07, 2010
Two new lighting systems that have jewelers glowing
Oct 23, 2009
Dazor Manufacturing Corp. extended its international reach recently, finalizing a distribution agreement and strategy with Josef Drastil, Managing Director of Prague-based DREXX, s.r.o.
May 11, 2008
On February 6, 2008, the Accredited Gemologists Association (AGA) held their annual conference in Tucson, AZ.
Aug 08, 2007
Dazor was featured in the July issue of Manufacturing Today. Please click on the link below to view the article.
Jul 01, 2007
Dazor’s long-popular line of specialty lighting products will soon be delivered overseas more quickly and more efficiently than ever before.
May 11, 2007
Dazor is pleased to announce the introduction of the T-6 bulb.
May 07, 2007
Dazor Lighting Solutions today announced the launch of the all-new LED Bench Light, an illumination fixture using technologically advanced high power LEDs with dimming capability, to provide the highest quality task illumination available.


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