Vision Problems

As we get older, our vision begins to deteriorate. This is a natural process.

Our ability to see differs from person to person, and within ourselves, on different occasions. When we are tired or sick, we may see less well than when we are healthy and fresh.

Dazor Lighted Magnifiers and Task LightingThe visual capabilities of individuals of the same age can vary greatly. Older people need substantially more light to see than younger people. Research indicates that the visual performance of those in their 20s is about eight times better than those in their 60s, and almost four times better than those in their 50s.

This increased need for light is due to a number of biological facts in the aging process. For example, the muscle in our eye called the iris, expands and contracts to control the amount of light entering our eye. As with all our muscles, the iris loses some of its flexibility in the aging process, and doesn't open as wide. More light is needed to compensate for the reduced ability of the iris to open wide.

Not only are there obvious vision differences between people, but different tasks have unique lighting requirements. Lighting demands for a video display terminal (VDT) operator are different from a proof reader, which are different from a graphic artist working at a large table where accurate color perception is critical.

For many people with vision problems, using task lights improves their ability to see and work more productively. For those with more serious vision problems, illuminated magnifiers provide even more aid. Please see our "How to Choose a Lighted Magnifier" for more information.

If you have more severe problems with your vision, like Macular Degeneration (AMD) or Cataracts, Dazor strongly recommends you consult with a vision specialist or contact your local Society for the Blind or state agency for the blind and visually impaired persons. Alternatively, you can contact the American Federation for the Blind, 11 Penn Plaza, Suite 300, New York, NY 10001. Please note that these agencies are not just for the blind but also assist people with a variety of vision problems.

While many AMD sufferers have found Dazor products that can help with their vision, the effects of AMD are very individual in nature and must be addressed on a personal basis.

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